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Why You Should Consider Medical Billing and Coding Training In NY


Why You Should Consider Medical Billing and Coding Training in NY

Are you looking to change careers?  Are you concerned about holding onto your job in a world quickly changing due to automation, and want a career with stability?  Do you like the idea of getting into the highly lucrative healthcare field?

If any of these things are true, you should be looking into medical billing and coding training in NY!  There are few easier ways to get a job in medicine, making it a great choice for a wide variety of individuals.

Why should you consider NY medical billing and coding training?  There are plenty of reasons.  For example:

  • Medical Coding Is A Stable Career

Both medical terminology and insurance claim policies change constantly.  This isn’t a job that can easily be automated, especially when there are thousands of procedures that need to be accurately coded and billed.  It’s easier to train humans to keep up with the changes than it is to constantly reprogram robots every time the codes change.

  • Coders and Billers Are in High Demand

Most hospitals and doctor’s offices struggle to keep enough coders on staff to keep up with demand.  This is especially true right now, as many hospitals are operating at near-maximum capacity due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.  If you get medical billing and coding training in NY you are virtually certain to find a job quickly.

  • You Can Become Trained and Certified Quickly

Since billers and coders don’t need to be licensed nurses or MDs, the training programs take far less time to complete than most areas of medicine.  Even the most comprehensive programs can be completed in under two years, and in many areas, you can begin on-the-job training with far less formal education than that.  Plus, you typically only need a high school degree or GED to qualify.

  • Working From Home Is Usually An Option

Even before quarantines became the new normal, many medical facilities allowed their coding specialists to work from home since all their work is done on a computer accessing databases.

If you want a job with flexibility, or – for example – one that accommodates a family life, medical coding and billing is a great choice.

Start Medical Billing & Coding Training in NY Today

If you’re looking to quickly receive medical billing and coding training in NY, consider the Westchester School for Medical and Dental Assistants. New classes will begin in January 2022 – so begin planning now!  Click here to read testimonials from our past students, then contact us to learn more!

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